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In this section, motorcycle luggage is broken down by manufacturers and types.  Companies like Givi, River Road, Shad, Edge, Mustang, Willie Max, Cortech, FirstGear, Dowco, T-Bags are represented on Cli-MAX.  Each type of luggage has its own special place in the motorcycle community and it own special purpose.

Here are a few tips and considerations to contemplate prior to buying motorcycle luggage:

  • Hard-sided cases and bags are generally more water proof that soft-sided cases and bags. 
  • Top cases offer packing conveniences that side cases simply cannot.
  • Tank bags - great for gadgets and small frequently used items you want access to while setting on the bike. 
  • Opening Cases: To open a Givi case, you must use the key. No way around it. No key is needed with Shad cases if you don’t lock them. Don’t push the latch inside the lock mechanism and it allows you to close and open without a key. Personally, I like this feature. 
  • Topcases: Want to save some money? Buy cases that come with universal mounts included. Both Shad and Givi offer this option. Shad’s are a little more universal. If you are handy with the wrenches and your bike comes with a decent luggage rack, you should not have a problem going this route.
  • Backpacks are designed to offer the adventure riders and sport-touring crowds a great functionality while offering comfort.

Before buying luggage, consider how you will be using it, the environment you will subject it to, and what characteristics are important to you. Get the most from your purchase by first considering these points.

A word of caution when buying a side or topcase, just because it says “will fit two helmets inside” does not necessarily mean it will fit two of your helmets inside. It is not meant to be misleading, but helmets come in all shapes and sizes with two rarely being the same dimensions.

Cli-MAX Riding Gear offers a wide variety of motorcycle luggage to so you can find the luggage the best fits your requirement. Give us a call if you have a question!